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COMPLETELY REVISED with Google Play Services v4.0.33 and Google Play Store v4.4.21! Step-by-step instructions on how to install Google Apps on the nabi 2 and nabi JR Tablets running Android 4.0 OS (aka Ice Cream Sandwich). NOTE: The previous issue that was being experienced with the Google Play Store app has been resolved and can be fixed by following the steps in this post.

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APPLICATION PROTECTION - Step-by-step instructions on how to setup Application Protection on the nabi 2 Tablet. Add the Amazon Appstore to Application Protection to prevent your child from accidentally gaining any access to the Appstore when they click on the MORE GAMES button in their favorite game.

BlueStacks Attack!

Wanting to sideload Google Play Store apps onto the nabi 2 Tablet, but don't have an Android smartphone! Install BlueStacks on your PC or Mac and sideload away!

nabi 2, nabi JR and nabi XD OTA Updates

Step-by-step instructions on how to perform the latest Over-the-Air Updates nabi 2 (v2.1), nabi JR (v1.2) and the nabi XD (v1.4).

Installing and Configuring the Amazon Appstore

Step-by-step instructions on how to install and configure the Amazon Appstore on all nabi Tablets for any region.

Going to the Movies

Review some of the options for backing up your DVD collection for viewing on the nabi Tablet.

nabi Shop

Officially open for business! Purchase a variety of colored Bumpers, Screen Protectors, and KINABI Letter Packs, as well as, the nabi 2 Tablet directly from Fuhu, Inc. More accessories to be added soon!

nabi Labs

Link to the nabi Tablet YouTube channel and Professor Joe's famous nabi 2 Drop Tests.


Comic Book Apps & Free Comic Book Day

Comic Books are an original American art form, finding their origins in the 1930s. They are fun to read and feature a wide range of diverse story lines that can capture the imagination of their readers.

Free Comic Book Day has been celebrated on the first Saturday of May every year, since 2002. On this day, participating comic book shops in North America and around the world give away a variety of publishers' comic books ABSOLUTELY FREE to everyone who visits.  Most shops also incorporate meet and greets with local creators and store wide sales.

Your local comic store(s) can be located by using your zip code to search on the Comic Shop Locator web-site.
Sampling of free Comic Books that were Available on May 5, 2012 at your Local Comic Shop
Comic Book Publishers have been relatively slow in adapting to the digital age.  While each company has tried their own initiatives, it wasn't really until 2011 that a standardized method of delivery was implemented.  With tablets nearly matching the same form factor as a traditional comic leaflet there are now several apps and online options for reading and collecting comics digitally.  Though with my 10,000+ comic collection, I'm still personally fond of the printed format.

As with all media, be it books, magazines, movies, music or video games it is up to you the parent to do your due diligence and monitor what your child is consuming.  Comics are no exception.  With the vast variety of genres and 
wide range of age groups that the publishers are trying deliver content to, there are bound to be numerous titles that are too mature for your child to read or look at, even though they may feature their favorite character.  The first three apps below provide a suggested rating for each comic, so that you can quickly determine if the book is age appropriate.

PREREQUISITE: To installation of the following apps requires that you have the Android Market installed.

DC Entertainment is the largest North American comics publisher, featuring a wide variety of characters and genres. Renowned for the World's Greatest Super Heroes including Superman, Batman & Robin, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, the Flash and many, many more; DC has thrilled readers from around the world with fantastic tales since 1935.  

With the official DC Comics App, you can download great comic books for your child to enjoy from DC's current weekly offerings plus a sampling of their ever growing classics library. Powered by ComiXology, this app enables your child to take advantage of the unique Guided View reading experience or enjoy the classic full page view. What's more, your child will be able to conveniently manage and read their entire collection anytime, whether they are using the nabi Tablet, a smartphone, a desktop or laptop computer. Once a comic is downloaded to the nabi Tablet, your child can experience the amazing world of DC Comics without a wireless connection.  This makes it a great option for your next family road trip or vacation!

While there are lots of free books to download, purchasing transactions are made in conjunction with the Google Play Store. Enabling the Market's Use Pin for Purchases, eliminates the chance of your child buying an entire collection of books in minutes. See the Install Alternative Markets blog post for instructions.

Recommended Digital Titles for ChildrenBatman AdventuresThe Batman Strikes!, Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam!Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade, Superman  Adventures, Teen Titans GO!, Tiny Titans, and Young Justice.

Recommended Print Titles for Children: Batman Gotham Adventures, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Cartoon Network Action Pack, Justice League Unlimited, Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century, Loony Toons, Scooby Doo, Super Friends, and Superman Family Adventures.

Recommended Sites: DC Comics, DC Nation Kids WB

The official Marvel Comics App, allows you to download fantastic digital comics featuring some of your child`s favorite characters including Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Wolverine and more. Your child will experience reading some of Marvel’s greatest stories, with their choice of Guided View or by using regular device controls to zoom and pan their way through the comic.

While there are numerous free books to download, purchasing transactions are made in conjunction with the Google Play Store. Enabling the Market's Use Pin for Purchases, eliminates the chance of your child buying an entire collection of comics within a few minutes. See the Install Alternative Markets blog post for instructions.

As with the Distinguished Competition's app above, once a comic is downloaded to the nabi Tablet, your child can experience the astonishing world of Marvel Comics with or without a wireless connection, making this a great option for your next road trip or flight!

Unfortunately the Marvel Comics App can’t be directly installed on the nabi Tablet from the Google Play Store.  Following the instructions below will allow you to install and use the app.

4Shared Mobile:
1. Go into Mommy Mode.
2. Launch the Market app.
3. Search for 4shared.
4. Select and install 4Shared Mobile app.
5. Click on the Register free account > white text, if you do not have a 4shared account. 
6. Enter an e-mail address and password.
7. Click the Register button.
8. Click the Menu Key, then select Search.

Marvel Comics v3.0.4:
9. Enter “Marvel Comics apk”, and then click the Go button.
10. Select the marvel comics 3.0.4 (nabi).apk file from the list.
11. This will pop up the downloading progress bar.
12. Click the Install button.
13. Click the Open button to launch the app.

Recommended Digital Titles for ChildrenAvengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Marvel Adventures: Iron ManMarvel Adventures: Spider-Man, Super Hero Squad.

Recommended Print Title for Children: Avengers & Power Pack Assemble!, Hulk & Power Pack, Fantastic Four & Power Pack, Iron Man & Power Pack, Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four, Marvel Adventures: Hulk, Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes, Marvel Adventures: The Avengers, Power Pack, Power Pack: Day One, Skrulls vs. Power Pack, Spider-Man & Power Pack, Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, Thor & the Warriors Four, Wolverine & Power Pack, and X-Men & Power Pack.

Recommended Sites: Marvel ComicsMarvel Kids

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